Assembling the fuselage

STL ask_Interconnects_profile1.stl​

remove support

Cut off. Please be careful with the cutter knife!

Assembling the canopy

* Magnetic clasp canopy


Put two pieces of adhesive tape together with the adhesive side facing outwards, put two neodymium magnets on them. add some CA glue to the magnetic holders in the fuselage and canopy. then stick the canopy to the fuselage and let the glue harden. The adhesive tape ensures that the wing and fuselage can be separated again.


 IMPORTANT  The magnets must touch so that they achieve the maximum force!

Assembling the wings

First cut a piece of 35mm/1.37inches from the Ø8mm carbon tube for the rear connector. Then glue the long carbon tube into the piece of Wing 1. Let it protrude 120mm/4.7inches towards the fuselage!

Then put the other wing parts on the tube and glue them well.

Wing fastening

Screw the TPU tensioners into the wings, attach the wings to the fuselage and clip the tensioners into the frame.

Assembling the tailplane

Mount the linkage for the elevator. Slide the 1.2mm carbon rod into the lower bowden in the fuselage and insert the Ø4mm carbon rods into the linkage. 

Glue the elevator, remove the support with the cutter knife and glue the long carbon rod in one elevator and drill a hole in the carbon rod from the bottom of the other elevator. Fix it with a screw. 

 IMPORTANT  Make sure that the elevator can be moved very easily!

Assembling the rudder

glue the rudder parts together and remove the support with the cutter knife. Insert the three linkages into the rudder and push a piece of carbon rod Ø1.2mm from the top into the rudder. apply a little glue to the three slots in the fuselage and insert the rudder. Make sure that no glue gets into the linkage!

Remove the rudder again and glue the three linkages in the fuselage. Then reassemble the rudder, cut off the carbon rod at the top and fix it with a small dot of glue.

Finally, connect the pinhorn with a carbon rod Ø1.2mm, insert it into the Bowden and glue the pinhorn to the rudder as shown in the picture.

Assembling the retractable gear

File a Ø3mm steel wire as described in the picture. 
 IMPORTANT  Make sure that the notches are exactly at right angles to each other!

For sufficient suspension take as many rubber bands as necessary. Cross the bands and make sure that the tension is even. It is best to alternate between left and right. Round the edges a little so that the rubber bands do not tear.

Motor mounting

Here is space for lead to correct the CG.

Select the appropriate motor mount ring for your motor. 

 IMPORTANT  Use appropriate screws for motor mounting to ensure safe operation! Make sure the prop runs smoothly and does not generate vibrations.

RC components

Attach the battery and receiver with self-adhesive Velcro. 



Servos for elevator and rudder


Glue the spoiler parts, screw the servo arms together as shown in the picture below (make sure they stay slightly movable, if not drill out a little). Cut two carbon rods to 70mm length and mount the spoiler in the wing.

Screw the lever to the spoiler and tape the servo in place with double sided tape. Pay attention to the position (picture)!

Remove the support to expose the cable channel.

Servo aileron

Select a suitable servocover from the data set and mount it as shown in the picture.

Remove the support.